Healthcare is not disease care. Achieving an optimal health status for the society requires a multi-disciplinary approach that addresses root causes, target the high risks and vulnerable, empowers individuals over their health and create safety nets for the disadvantaged.


To advocate for priority attention and focus on health promotion and disease prevention by the health authorities in Nigeria especially with regards to non-communicable diseases.

To promote regular health status screening and adoption of other disease prevention strategies by Nigerian and advocate for functional health insurance coverage for such services.

To organize regular programmes in order to empower ordinary Nigerian to increase control over their health, its determinants and therefore improve their health.

To provide mobile health status screening and disease prevention services to the poor and under-serve in Nigeria.

To promote the adoption of health lifestyle like smoking cessation, weight control, physical exercise and dietary modification by Nigerian.

To create and disseminate health promoting programmes in the mass media using innovative edutainment models.

To offer workplace health promotion advisory and screening services to corporate organizations in Nigeria. 

To disseminate international best practices and recommendation on disease screening among the health professional’s community in Nigeria.