The Health and Wellness Optimization Foundation is a non-profit making, non-religious, non-partisan, equal opportunity, non-governmental organization committed to disease prevention and health promotion. At HOW Foundation, we believe that prevention should be the cornerstone of health promotion using a multi-disciplinary approach requiring the input of diverse expertise.

Our priority is in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights where we implement initiatives to empower women and youths to be in position to make informed decision on their health. We carry out campaigns and programs targeting vulnerable and high risk members and strive to stimulate them to take prevention as a cost effective pathway for optimal health. We also set out to influence government and other bodies that have overriding authority over public health to make health promoting policies and put primary and secondary prevention especially in the front burner of their agenda.

Membership of HOW Foundation is voluntary and cuts across diverse profession including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory science, public administration, law, journalism, economics, acting, advertising, nutrition and so on and so forth.