A very important health promoting habit that has been found not to be dominant in our environment is regular physical exercise. Reasons for this situation includes lack of awareness, poor motivation, time constraint, unavailability of necessary space and absence of financial wherewithal to invest in physical exercise gadgets. The rope skipping club has been introduced in our community to promote regular physical exercise with conscious effort taken to mitigate the limiting factors that have been identified. The initiative is being implemented in collaboration with Nigeria Volley Ball Association, Ogun State chapter who provided the rope skipping trainers. Joint rope skipping exercise is conducted in our office every Saturday (8-9:30am) and 10:30-11:30am every environmental sanitation Saturdays ( last in the month).
There is an ongoing plan to implement a pilot project tagged SKIPFIT EATRITE CAMPAIGN  involving 240 selected students and 960 others in Abeokuta South local government of Ogun State.