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Screening are laboratory, radiologic or clinical examinations that help to identify people  increase with increase risks of developing certain disease conditions well off before symptoms develops. They help detect serious diseases in the early and most treatable stage. At HOW Foundation, we provide screening services and link clients to further treatment for the following:


A premarital test is defined as a test in which couples that are going to get married are tested for genetic, infectious and blood transmitted diseases to prevent any risk of transmitting any disease to themselves and to their children. Working with marriage counselors, churches, mosques and marriage registries, we offer premarital screening to intended couples. The routine tests done are full blood count, blood group and genotype, Hepatitis B screening, HIV screening, VDRL and full urinalysis. Other tests like seminal fluid analysis, testing for Chlamydia, gonorrhea etc are also provided on request. 

PROSTATE CANCER: Prostate cancer is a cancer of the men folk killing an estimated 14 men per day in Nigeria. The Health and Wellness Optimization Foundation offers advisory services on prostate cancer prevention and early detection. We also offers screening services using digital rectal examination and PSA estimation for clients who are at high risk and who are well informed on the risk and benefits.


In order to appeal to adolescents and youths, we offer services that are specially designated and targeted at them at our youth friendly center. Working through peer educators selected from in and out of school youths, we provide information pamphlets and flyers on STIs, distribute condoms and voluntary counseling and testing for STDs including HIV. We also provide consultation and treatment for STDs like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis etc and anonymous contact tracing. We carry out regular safex fellowships to engage our prospect clients and promote sexual safety.

BREAST CANCER: Breast cancer is the number one cancer scourge affecting mankind.  It affects both sexes though less commonly found in men. In Nigeria, it is estimated that 1 in every 25 woman is affected by breast cancer with most them presenting late in the hospital because of poor awareness and general absence of screening programme.  The changing life styles in the country including late child bearing, beast feeding habits, contraceptive use, smoking, diet, obesity etc is believed have resulted in an upward trend in the prevalence of breast cancer.

At Health and Wellness Optimization Foundation, we offer breast cancer advisory, public education and screening services using clinical breast examination and mammography. We also teach self breast examination to our clients to motivate them to be breast aware and to take proactive action on the breast health.