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CERVICAL CANCER: Cancer of the Cervix is the second commonest cancer in Nigeria after breast cancer. An estimated 14,000 cases of cervical cancer is diagnosed in Nigeria annually with 64% dying from the disease. Nigeria is ranked 5th on the global cervical cancer burden.

Our clients are screened using PAP smear. The procedure lasting average 15minutes is generally painless but a little discomfort may be felt.  Report of the smear is usually available within two weeks. Colposcopy is also performed when indicated. Arrangement for a special procedure using the newly developed advance cervical scan (LuViva) is also possible.


Clients with detected abnormalities during screening are offered appropriate treatment. For example we offer cryotherapy for low and high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions, medications for high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, high blood cholesterol etc. We also offer counseling, life style management including exercise therapy when indicated.  Clients who need referral to higher treatment centers are promptly referred with follow-up.


Catch-Up immunization is generally for person’s age 4 months through to 18years who started immunization late or who are 1 month behind in their schedule. On the other hand adult immunization refers to immunization given to adults (usually 19years and above) depending on lifestyle, overall health status, pregnancy status, travel plans, profession, sexual preferences and other risk factors that may expose such an adult to vaccine preventable diseases. In a few cases, adult immunization is given as routine booster doses.

At Health and Wellness Optimization Foundation, we offer full catch-up immunization and also immunization for HPV infection (the incriminated agent for cervical), Hepatitis B, Yellow fever, Tetanus booster doses.